Welcome to the NeuroRelaxation website!

This site has been established to provide you with useful information and tools to help you bring your nervous system into better balance. When we have learned skills to modulate and balance an overactive Sympathetic Nervous System, we can say that we have attained an inner sense of "NeuroRelaxation".

This site provides resources and tools for individuals who want to do a better job of caring for their health and well-being, as well as for health professionals who care for others who would benefit from learning these skills.

Everyone Can Benefit from NeuroRelaxation

Your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is your body's central processing unit, or CPU. It tells your body when to be active and when to sleep. And during sleep it organizes the recharging of your energy system and the reorganization of your memory system. As well it orchestrates repair of damaged cells and boosts your immune system to protect you next day. The Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep you get at the end of your sleep period also resets your emotional system back to feeling good and ready to start the day with a positive outlook.

The ANS normally provides the background input to shift easily from sleep (OFF) to wake (ON), and late in the day from wake (ON) back to sleep (OFF). With the increased stress of daily life, this rhythm gets pushed toward being ON more and more of the time. The difficulty getting to sleep, frequent awakenings and early morning awakening too early to start the day. The result of this poor sleep is poor mental and physical health.

The pressures in our lives are not likely to stop, or to relax, just because we feel overwhelmed and stressed. And if the pressures won't stop, we have to learn new strategies and tools to bring our nervous systems back into balance, to achieve a state of NeuroRelaxation again. That is what this site is designed to help you with.

Why "NeuroRelaxation"?

Dr Norma Doidge in his book The Brain's Way of Healing defined NeuroRelaxation as the sustained, balanced internal state of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) in which the three master neural circuits making up the ANS (embedded link) effortlessly shift back and forth to optimize accommodation to the ambient environment while supporting physical renewal, cognitive attention, and psychological wellbeing.

NeuroRelaxation provides both optimal response to daytime opportunities and challenges as well as restorative sleep at night. The NeuroRelaxation state is necessary for recovery from physical injury, or illness. It provides the neurological foundation necessary for renewal and health, learning, psychological wellbeing and a restorative sleep-wake rhythm.

Our NeuroRelaxation Program is a systematic eight-week approach to training those who would benefit from improved ability to regulate daytime stress reactions, as well as improved nighttime sleep patterns. It is organized on the basis of Polyvagal Theory, our most recent and complete understanding of how the ANS is organized and operates.

The NeuroRelaxation Program introduces clinical skills in an order that promotes easy integration into your day-to-day life and results in optimum changes for your health. If you are not sure that you need the whole program, take our Breathing Assessment. It takes ten minutes. You are guided through an assessment of your breathing pattern and directed to ways of using breathing exercises to calm your stressed ANS.

Click here for more information about the NeuroRelaxation Program.

Click here to complete your free Breathing Assessment.

Click here to sign up for our online Neurorelaxation Patient Session.

If you are a Health Care Professional and want information about how to integrate the NeuroRelaxation Program into your practice, click here.

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